for Precast Concrete Production


Betele is a Production Management System that has been developed together with a number of precast concrete factories in close co-operation. Betele is a solution that enables the management of the whole process — all the way from a quote to an invoice.

The majority of Finnish element factories have chosen Betele for their production management.

Managing the Process

Production management is easier with Betele’s clear interface and polished reports. Thanks to a graphical week program, possible bottlenecks can be seen beforehand — and avoided . 

Calculating offers

The system makes it easy to calculate offers with a chosen gross profit. The layout of each offer can also be designed separately for every client.

Delivery Contracts

Delivery contracts can be created directly based on the offer. It is also possible to add new orders in case some changes are needed during the delivery.

Production Management

The system provides a clear graphical week program that enables efficient scheduling and production management.

Material Stock Management

The materials are automatically reduced from the stock when the element is finished. The prices of the materials can also be updated directly from the supplier’s catalogue.

Stock Management

The stock can be monitored both easily and accurately. Also loading of the elements is more effortless when you know exactly where each element is.

Delivery Management

Delivery notes are created quickly based on the finished elements. The cargo plan ensures that the transport is at capacity.

Quality Control

The service provides you with element-specific quality control cards. You can also choose the inspection frequency for each element or construction.

Working Time Monitoring

Accurate working time monitoring allows you to increase the performance of your production. The system calculates the working hours automatically according to the collective labor agreement, so the hours can be sent directly to the payroll computation.


The system supports several types of invoicing from element-specific payments to paying the whole order at once.  It also keeps track of paid and unpaid bills.




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