SITE Manager

for Construction Companies


Takamäki Site Manager is an access control and license management system for construction sites. The system helps you handle your workforce efficiently while paying attention to safety. It also produces mandatory reports for public authorities such as Tax Administration and the Regional State Administrative Agencies. 

Site Manager can easily be integrated to your company’s other systems, so the information from the construction sites can be used throughout the whole organisation. 

Why Site Manager?


Site Manager makes it easy to manage your construction site thanks to its efficient reporting and monitoring as well as automatized supervision and communication.

Saves time

The system helps you make significant cuts in the amount of time used to manage information, so you can use your time better.

Easy to use

Site Manager is easy to use, so any new user can easily take over the system even without a special training.

Customer Service

Our professional customer service team will always provide you with excellent service and help.


Customers’ Experiences



“Thanks to Site Manager, our construction sites are remarkably safer and we can follow them constantly. In my opinion, Takamäki has realised exceptionally well that the product development must be done together with the executors and construction companies.”

Jari Pulkkinen, Safety Manager, Fira Oy




“With Site Manager, working in the construction sites gets remarkably easier. I can gladly recommend this system because it is easy to use and has several features that help me save time.”  

Joonas Hilakari, Supervisor, Ojarannan Rakennus Oy



Managing Contracts

Concatenation of contracts could not be easier. Site Manager ensures that all the essential Liability Act documents are collected from the contractor and saved as a part of the contract.

Automatic Supervising

The system automatically verifies all the information and notifies possible deficiencies. It also oversees realisation of the Contractor’s Liability Act and supervises your employees’ tax numbers.

Reports to the Authorities

Reports to Tax Administration and other agencies can be handled easily or even completely automatically.

Safety Remarks

Safety remarks can easily be reported on the website Monitoring accidents together with the access control feature enables calculating the frequency of accidents on a working site or per contractor.

Safety Measuring

The system also enables easy and fast safety measuring and reporting. Problems noticed during the measuring can easily be directed to the right person in charge, and the processing of these problems can also be monitored afterwards.

Construction Journal

A digital construction journal makes it easy to write down daily tasks and incidents. Supervisors and contractors both have their own usernames, so they can easily confirm daily entries from their own computers.

Access Control and Working Hours

A stationary check-in device with or without a gate control provides a solution for access control and accurate work time monitoring. Work time tracking at the construction site can also be done with a mobile check-in.

Registration of Working Hours

An electronic registration system makes it easy to monitor the working hours of both your own employees and those of your contractor. Accepted hours and travel compensations can easily be trasferred to the payroll computation and billing.

Travel and Expense Compensations

Both contractors and your own employees can apply for their travel and expense compensations directly with Site Manager. This saves both time and money!

Training and Competence

The system takes care of employees’ permits and professional trainings. Training forms can easily be signed digitally and information about workers’ competences is conveniently stored in the digital qualification folder.

Contractor Evaluation

With an up-to-date registry of contractors we can ensure your company a successful and high quality contract!

Responsive User Interface

A responsive and user-friendly interface allows you to use the service on a smartphone, tablet and computer – whenever and wherever you want!

Document Archives and Sharing Files 

Construction documents can be saved and shared to contractors and other organisations.

Contractor Interface

Contractors can also get their own usernames to the system, so they can easily manage their information and browse reports.


Your reports can follow you wherever you go! They can be read and modified either on browser or with MS Excel.

Registry of Training and Competence

Information about online trainings and competence acquired by the employees can be transformed from the Valttikortti system directly to Site Manager.


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