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Takamäki Site Manager is an access control and license management system for construction sites and factories. The system helps you handle your workforce efficiently while paying attention to safety. It also produces mandatory reports for public authorities such as Tax Administration and the Regional State Administrative Agencies.  Site Manager can easily be integrated to your company’s other systems, so the information from the construction sites can be used throughout the whole organisation. 



Toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä tehostaa rakennusalan toimintaa


Includes all essential tools for managing the workforce and contractors in the factory as well as improving safety.

Rakennusalalle suunniteltu toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä säästää aikaa


Accelerates management of employee information and passes, improves control and communication, and automates government announcements.

Toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä on tehty rakennusalalle ja on helppokäyttöinen


With an easy-to-use and responsive interface, a new employee and subcontractor can adopt Site Manager even without any training.

35 000

125 000

For construction companies – Tocoman Solution


1. Manage contractors

With Takamäki Site Manager you can easily manage your contractors. The service covers the whole process from contractors to subcontractors and even up to the concatenation of contracts. In addition, Site Manager will ensure that all the relevant Subscriber Responsibility documents are collected from the contractor and stored as part of the contract. It will also check the necessary information and inform you of any shortcomings.

The service also helps you choose your contractors. You will always find up-to-date information about your contractor’s previous projects and their success in the Site Manager Contractor Registry. It allows you to easily find and select the best types of contractors! This will ensure successful and high quality deliveries to your company.

2. Personnel and access control

Access control and work time monitoring are also easy with the Site Manager software. A stationary check-in device with or without gate control provides a solution for access control and accurate work time monitoring.  Work time tracking at the construction site can also be done with a simple mobile check-in. In turn, the electronic hourly ticket facilitates the monitoring of the working hours of both employees and contractors.

With Site Manager, both approved hours and travel and expense allowances can be easily transferred directly to payroll or billing. With the service, the recording and acceptance of various types of compensation can be handled directly without additional steps. This is proven to bring significant savings!

3. Safety Remarks

Site Manager also helps with reporting different safety observations. All safety remarks can be easily reported at Monitoring accidents together with the access control feature enables calculating the frequency of accidents on a working site or per contractor. This is how we improve vital safety together!

In addition to safety reports the system also enables easy and fast safety measuring and reporting. Problems noticed during the measuring can easily be directed to the right person in charge, and the processing of these problems can also be monitored afterwards.

4. License management

Site Manager takes care of employees’ permits and professional trainings. Training forms can easily be signed digitally and information about workers’ competences is conveniently stored in the digital qualification folder. You can also integrate your employees’ e-trainings and some of the qualification information from the Valttikortti system directly to Site Manager.

Could things get any easier?


5. Reports to the Authorities


Site Manager takes care of employee and contract reports for you! Reports to Tax Administration and other agencies can be handled easily or even completely automatically. Making reports is easy and fast, andthe diverse and easily editable reports are always with you wherever you go!

Reports and site documents can also be stored and distributed to different contractors or project organizations. Supervisors and contractors both have their own usernames, so they can easily confirm daily entries from their own computers.


With Takamäki Site Manager, you can easily digitalize your work management. When you let the service take care of bureaucracy and reporting, you will have time for more interesting tasks!


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